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Let’s get this house in order, Madam Speaker, I was not done yet. Well, I am not talking about Parliament House, but Parliament Hotel in Barrack Street, Cape Town, literally 5 minutes from Cape Town Rail Station, where I walked from.

While walking in the direction of it, I was amazed by the amount of places that you could visit while in the area. Geographically this hotel is central to many locations within the city. You literally step out of the foyer and, boom, you are faced with choices. I loved the fact that whether I was looking for enjoyment, culture, entertainment, it was in such close proximity and I didn’t need a taxi to get there. Sorry Uber! My feet do the walking here.

It is then that I realised that we need to take time to explore our city more. Staying for a night or two within the city centre gives you that feel that you are on holiday. Parliament Hotel is perfect when you need to do that and not expensive either.
Parliament Hotel offered me that feeling of “home away from home”. I basically only interacted with the hotel manager, Antonio Carpanese, who is so hands on in his job and actively involved with the guests. What particularly interested me was an old lady that stayed in the hotel and needed help with getting around. While talking with me he quickly excused himself, went over to her and attended to her needs. Once he was done we continued the conversation, but I was left with awe at the care he took.

This is not a fancy hotel: 3 stars, with the basics that you would need. But I also admired the attention to detail, i.e. if you are travelling with a young child or baby, your room is decorated to make them feel right at home. Your baby will even have a changing station, no need to pack this in. Next to the hotel is an interesting Italian restaurant that offers a variety of my favourite dishes. Worth visiting and again you step out of the foyer into the restaurant.

My verdict in this session for implementation is: take a break, stay at Parliament Hotel and be that tourist in your own city. Explore. Cape Town has much to offer you.

By Keith Edwards

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