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On a recent night spent at Parliament Hotel, we took to the streets of the Cape Town city centre for an evening out at Richard’s Supper Stage. There we enjoyed some fine Cape dinner theatre and watched the play Kaapse Stories.

I haven’t lived in Cape Town all my life. I moved here in 2010 and am still awed, on a regular basis, by just how much this city has to offer and by the accessibility to and diversity of experiences available.

I’ve had a vast range of encounters with Cape Town city: leisurely afternoons feeding the squirrels and pigeons in The Company’s Garden with my wheelchair-bound son after taking in some history at the Iziko Museum; meeting my Zimbabwean study buddy in a Long Street café to practice our French lessons together; walking through the streets at night, a pair of binoculars in hand and a soundtrack streaming through our headsets as we took in some living room dancing at various buildings throughout the city centre and then rounding off the evening with real Italian pizza and cocktails at one of the many restaurants. One of my favourite memories was joining one of the monthly Moonlight Mass cycling events, starting from under the Green Point circle, and cycling en masse down Long Street, ending off at Green Market Square.

Waking up in the city is a high in its own league. Standing at our bedroom window in Parliament Hotel looking out over the streets of Cape Town, the lyrics of my favourite Carly Simon song strummed the backing track with “Silver cities rise, the morning lights, the streets that meet them…” There is a tangible energy that leaves you wanting more of the city, moreBY  of the people, more of the culture, history and essence that is the Mother City.

By Deirdré Gower

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