Parliament Hotel



My funky little blue Citroen was speeding along the N1 from Stellenbosch towards Cape Town and the closer I got the more nervous I became… Where was the mountain?! Passing Century City I could barely see the outline of Devil’s Peak. A smoggy veil was preventing me from appreciating the beauty of one of my favourite mountains as I approached the city centre. I was excited at the thought of staying over in an area I haven’t visited for years. I enjoyed a warm welcome on arrival at Parliament Hotel and immediately the fun and banter with charming GM, Antonio More


Poppies and taffeta. Those were the vivid images my mind conjured up when we drove past the Grand Parade on our way to Parliament Hotel for a night on the town. Dinner and theatre at Richard’s Supper Stage and Bistro, to be enjoyed with the luxury of staying over at the cosmopolitan Parliament Hotel. No fuss. No pain. No driving. As we rounded the corner I could hear the flower sellers calling out “A-rand-a-bunch! A-rand-a-bunch-madam!”… and my mother carefully selects the best bunch of Iceland Poppies. Bright and fragile and fragrant. She counts out the coins and gets a toothless More


On a recent night spent at Parliament Hotel, we took to the streets of the Cape Town city centre for an evening out at Richard’s Supper Stage. There we enjoyed some fine Cape dinner theatre and watched the play Kaapse Stories. I haven’t lived in Cape Town all my life. I moved here in 2010 and am still awed, on a regular basis, by just how much this city has to offer and by the accessibility to and diversity of experiences available. I’ve had a vast range of encounters with Cape Town city: leisurely afternoons feeding the squirrels and pigeons More


Let’s get this house in order, Madam Speaker, I was not done yet. Well, I am not talking about Parliament House, but Parliament Hotel in Barrack Street, Cape Town, literally 5 minutes from Cape Town Rail Station, where I walked from. While walking in the direction of it, I was amazed by the amount of places that you could visit while in the area. Geographically this hotel is central to many locations within the city. You literally step out of the foyer and, boom, you are faced with choices. I loved the fact that whether I was looking for enjoyment, More